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I used to smoke at least a pack a cigarette a day, but I never be able to smoke a whole cigarette at a time. I usually took 3-4 puffs and felt enough because my chest started to become stuffy. I was wasting money big time while feeling bad during the morning hours. I usually had short breath and I can’t sleep very well. The first thing I thought about in the morning was looking for a cigarette to smoke.

Since I bought the Apollo e cigs, my life has changed completely. Even though many people don’t like the electronic cigarette, I personally love it. I no longer feel my chest clogged and my health is definitely improved big time. I take the Apollo with me in my pocket all the time and take a puff or two every now and then without wasting too much money.

With almost 4 years to trying to quit smoking using many different methods, I finally found the best alternative to help me finally quit. I also feel really great when I don’t need to take any smoking break outside to not affecting my family anymore.

Top 23 Cool Benefits Of E Cigarette


1. No smoke only vapor. Where is my lighter?

2. No tar or carbon monoxide —> less risk of lung diseases and cardio vascular diseases.

3. Way less chemicals unlike conventional cigarette.

4. Option to choose Nicotine and non-Nicotine product

5. Easier for smoker to quit because of the hand-to-mouth habit

6. Cleaner and safer for the environment. No butts, no ashes, and no dusts to contaminate the air

7. Cheaper than the regular cigarettes

8. No secondhand or thirdhand smoking issue

9. No stinky mouth, clothing, or yellow teeth

10. Affordable and effective alternative to smoking

11. Charge like a cell phone

12. Only the cartridges need to be refilled, battery and vaporizer last forever

13. Smoke anywhere you like —> freedom for smokers

14. Doctors recommended - It’s safer than conventional ones

15. No more air pollution

16. No more coughing

17. Less chance of getting high blood pressure, stroke, and early death

18. No Butane (in lighter fluid) and Cyanide (in car exhaust fumes)

19. No more short of breath. Better overall cardio health and stamina

20. No more wheezing and tightness in chest

21. No more offensive feelings around others

22. No need for ashtrays

23. No carcinogens

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